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"Waterville Hotel"

Waterville hotel is a traditional 1903 brick hotel overlooking Pioneer Park. It's located in the center of Waterville, 27 miles from Wenatchee and 35 miles from Chelan. Rooms are decorated with traditional and antique furnishings from the 1800's and are simple, so I've heard. We happened to stop by and admire this building, because ( you guessed it) there was word that it was haunted. It didn't look haunted though, colorful flower beds outlined the front of the building which made it feel so welcoming. An older lady was kneeled in the garden working hard to up keep the perfect image of rounded flower bushes by the entrance of the hotel. 

"Hi" I told her, with a friendly smile. " Hello.... how can I help you?" she asked with a curious tone. 

"We just stopped by to look at your hotel, it's very pretty. " I replied.  "oh, thank you. But we don't allow people to tour it, I'm sorry." she said . My heart sank a little, because I was eager to explore this historic hotel. But I simply replied, "That's okay, we just wanted to see it from the outside" I lied to save my ego.  Makayla, Lucas, Javonne and I walked around the brick hotel taking pictures and admiring the tarnished iron tractor next to it. Javonne heard from a friend that this hotel was haunted, and it wouldn't surprise me. This hotel was built in 1903 and Waterville was known for its trades, cattle and fisherman traffic,  to catch Salmon in the Colombian river.  Here is a link to learn more about the history of Waterville


After taking a few pictures we walked to the end of the large over grown sunflowers hanging near the crosswalk. We crossed the street and visited pioneer park known for its luscious green grass and its trees neatly placed in sporadic areas. I sit next to the old playground with the broken slide. The sun is shinning and its making it hard to view the pictures I had just taken. I brighten up my screen and low and behold, I caught something on camera! 

At first I couldn't quiet tell what it was, but then I saw her. A young girl, maybe 7 or 8 with a bob haircut and bangs looking out the window to her right. The haircut reminds me of the 70's bob cut that women and little girls shared. I showed the image to Javonne and Makayla and they saw her too! Trying to give the benefit of the doubt, I took some more pictures of the same window when we walked back to the car. She wasn't in them? I see the owner again in the garden and ask "Is the top room on the left a room you rent?" she answers, "No, that's the attic and its locked." Interesting, I thought to myself. I wished her a good day and we drove off. Here are the pictures I took :)

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Written by Liss

The little Girl in the Attic

you can see her left eye, side of her nose and bangs.

She's no longer there when I take a picture on the way back.

Waterville photo album

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