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"Our Ghost Tour at the Palace" 


My three friends and I were introduced to the Palace Hotel during a haunted tour in down town Port Townsend. I still remember it being a cold crisp evening in November and after walking outside for a while, we stopped in at the Palace. The warm Victorian ambiance was so inviting, yet there was a sense of sorrow and romance in the air. It felt as if a long lost loved one was missed dearly. As we roamed around the open rooms, our EVP started going off. We are both very sensitive to energy, needless to say, we were taken back by the thickness and heaviness in the air as we stood in the hallway by the rooms. We just glanced at each other, without saying a word we knew, we both felt it. 

"Letters" it said on the screen, followed by "All the pain." What did that mean?

Curious about our EVP response, we looked for our tour group and found them in the common area. We asked the guide about "Letters". This is where it gets interesting.

The guide (who goes by "The Grymm") started telling the story of how a lot of these girls (starting around 11 & 12 yrs of age) were kidnapped and forced to work at this brothel. Unfortunately, Cecilia wasn't the exception. He continued the story, saying how Cecilia wrote letters to her father in hopes that he would come rescue her. But her father was ashamed of what she had become, a victim in reality, but a whore in his eyes. So he did the unthinkable, he ignored the pleads of his daughter and left her there. 

Tale says that when the owner of brothel found out Cecilia had sent letters to her father, he was furious! He had her beaten so badly, that almost every bone in her body was broken. Morgan and I exchanged looks in disbelief. We had communicated with Cecilia. She told us about the "Letters and all the pain". Instead of feeling frightened that we made contact with Cecilia, we felt sorry for her and all the other girls that were forced to that same way of life. At that moment, we knew that "The Palace" was our next investigation.


"Port Townsend & The Palace of Sweets"


Despite your initial impression of Port Townsend as a lovely seaside community, isolated from the bustle of mainland life, things weren’t always so quaint.

Not unlike many other towns in the United States which popped up during the end of the 19th century, Port Townsend was born from a violent beginning. A beginning which involved murder, human trafficking, and in one instance, the sale of corpses to the local mortician.

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