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"Shelton House"

It was a 2-story home with, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a small office room, a garage, a large downstairs rec room, laundry room, upstairs living room, 4 sliding glass doors, a giant porch and an in-ground outdoor swimming pool with a hot tub.

I wanted to explain all the rooms because the layout of this house is pretty creepy. I believe it was built in the 60’s or 70’s because it had psychedelic metallic silver wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom. The giant downstairs rec room had the oh so popular glitter popcorn ceilings from back then. Luckily, the upstairs wasn’t as eerie as the bottom part of the house.

When you walk into the house, there are stairs that go downstairs into the rec room area. The dining room is behind the living room and the kitchen is to the left of the dining room. Next to the Kitchen is the garage door.

There was a sliding glass door in the back of the dining room that opened to the upper porch which overlooked the outdoor pool and hot tub. On the other side of the dining room was the hallway that went to the 1st bedroom, hallway bathroom, the master bedroom and at the end of hallways was back bedroom.

The back bedroom had a sliding glass door that went out onto the porch overlooking the pool as well. Going downstairs which was back by the front door, the stairs were carpeted and there was a door at the bottom of the stairs for some reason. 

It opened into a large hallway sitting area. Off of that were two sliding glass doors which was creepy the way they were placed as they came out underneath the porch onto the patio of the pool deck. The giant rec room was to the left of the stairs. There's a small wet bar placed in the corner with a sink and along the back wall of the room a cabinet with a glass mirrored shelves.

 I never really went in that room alone because it always felt eerie. The rec room had wood paneling walls.

To the right of the rec room , was a giant laundry room and to the left a bathroom which had the dated metallic wallpaper. Next to the bathroom there was another room my dad used as an office. It was an L- shape long skinny narrow room with cement floors like it was newly added, I didn’t go in there much as it gave me the creeps.

 Next to that room, there was my bedroom. This was the only bedroom downstairs. It wasn’t a master bedroom, but it had a walk-in closet. The closet wall shared a wall with my dad's office. There was also a closet with shelves in front and off to the side of the walk-in closet with a small alcove.

Now that I have explained the house I can get into the actual stories. My bedroom wasn’t always downstairs.

"The Haunting"

My bedroom was upstairs and my older sister's bedroom was also upstairs it was the room at the end of the hall that had the sliding glass door over-looking the porch. This bedroom was right on top of the downstairs bedroom, so it shared a floor/ ceiling. 

My stepsister at the time, was in the downstairs bedroom. My sister and stepsister came up with a knock code for communicating since they shared a floor/ceiling. Their code was" 1 knock meant come downstairs/ upstairs, 2 knocks meant I need water, 3 knocks meant I’m awake." It was fun until the middle of the night when they both heard knocks at different times of the night/early morning and thought the other one was playing a trick trying to scare them. They both said it wasn’t them knocking.

Also, our oven was an old dial one that had to be turned to turn on. It would turn on randomly, even when you were the only one in the house and it wasn't you. My dad was unpacking wine glasses when we first moved in. He unpacked them all out of the box and when he turned around to put them in the cupboard behind him a few of the wine glasses were flipped upside down.

My stepmother claims she would see a figure of an older woman with her hair done up in a bun and a black pioneer type dress walking up the stairs. My dad heard the sliding glass door in the dining room open at the top of the porch while he was outside at the pool with some friends. He was thinking it was his wife home early and went upstairs after calling out to her and didn't receive a response. To my dad's surprise no one else was home and everyone else was outside.

My dad and his wife unfortunately broke up and I ended up moving to the downstairs room since my uncle was moving in with us and he needed the upstairs room. I was in high school at this time. At first I thought my stepsister and older sister were making up the knocking sounds to scare me... It wasn’t until I started hearing the knocks usually around 2-3 am. My stereo would turn off/ on and skip my cd to a different song alot. I would be watching TV in my room and the channel would change by itself.

We had a cockatoo (large white bird) who lived in a big bird cage in the open hallway downstairs by the laundry room. This area was in front of the downstairs sliding glass doors. I didn’t go out there much, especially at night since there wasn’t a lot of lights downstairs. I always heard the bird squawking and yelling after it got dark. I never went out to check to see what was causing the ruckus, because it always gave me goosebumps.

The footsteps down the stairs started afterward. My dad owned his own towing and automotive business, so he had to work a lot overnights. It was usually my older sister and I alone at the house or sometimes just me if she had plans for the weekend. We would both hear heavy/loud or fast/light footsteps going up and down the stairs, as if someone was there... but I was in my room, and she was in hers. Once again, I would get that sick to my stomach feeling and I would be paralyzed almost and couldn't leave my room.

 One night, I was home alone, and it was about 4 or 5 pm. I heard footsteps over and over on the stairs as if someone were running up and down them. I tried to ignore it, but being a young teenager... I was very scared. I heard the door at the bottom of the stairs slam and my bird started screeching. I didn’t dare go out of my room, but I almost called 9-1-1 as I thought there may be an intruder in the house. I realized; it was just the everyday sounds that occurred in that house.

My dad finally sold that house at the end of my sophomore year. My sisters and I knew the house was haunted, but there wasn't anything we could do. We didn’t have another place to stay at during that time and thankfully there wasn’t any threatening situations or violence from the paranormal activity. 

My dad had to rent the house out since he couldn’t sell it right away. I had left some of my furniture in my downstairs bedroom. The renters ended up trashing the house and stealing some of my dad's belongings. 

I will never forget, when my dad told me the previous renters had drawn a pentagram or pentacle star on the door of my downstairs bedroom. Apparently, it was for protection against evil. The renters said my room was evil and they wouldn't go in it . They had the room blocked off . Anytime my sister and I think of this house we get goosebumps.


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