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Our Visit to "Manresa"

We came across the Manresa castle after a google search on Washington states most haunted hotels. This castle was built in the late 1800's and was on a famous ghost hunter show. Word from a local guide that helped the crew with that episode, said that they couldn't stay the whole night as planned and checked in at a different hotel.

As we pull up to the castle, the butterflies in my stomach feel more like wild moths. I immediately feel an emptiness in my stomach (and I had just eaten). We all close our auras and cover ourselves with white light before exiting the car, we take a deep breath and walk up the steps to the entrance.​​​​

The interior is very old fashioned with wood details and chandeliers hung in the common room to the left of the entrance. The long purple Velvet drapes hugged the tall windows, there was an elegant yet cryptic feel to this place. We headed to our room and the door looked old and scratched. We were directly underneath  the infamous room 306. That room is known for the most paranormal activity. It is believed that the reason behind the hauntings, is the suicide that took place there. Locals believe, however, that she was murdered. And after our EVP sessions, I'm positive she was. 

There was so much that came through our EVP, and what stuck with us the most, is "Murdered" and  "Hell is real for me."

I was telling the spirit to let go of the physical world and follow the light when it called me a "Healer". I never thought a response would make me so content, because I am always looking for ways to help people, it's just who I am.

During the night, all 4 of us were using liquid courage (meaning tequila) to go walk around the castle after midnight. We took many pictures and went through them back at our room. I noticed that one of the pictures I took had a bright blue light glaring out the kitchen window. I honestly thought nothing of it until I mentioned that to our recent tour guide who used to work at the castle years ago. He looked at me in disbelief and said that there is no one in the kitchen around that time, that all the workers have gone home. You can clearly see orbs in a lot of our pictures, but the creepiest one is a close up of an empty room on the 3rd floor.

When bedtime came around, I'm not going to lie, we slept with a light on. It was as if a blanket of fear covered us and the inevitable had finally arrived, we were going to sleep in a haunted castle from the late 1800's.

I could not sleep for the life of me, every little noise would wake me up. And Morgan twitching every minute now and then wasn't helping. But the worst part was around 3:00 am. That's when we heard it. 

A cry or whale of something NOT human. Our neighbors above us in room 306 apparently heard it too because they came running down the stairs. 

In the morning we started doing our EVP sessions again and asked who was keeping us up all night. To which the answer we received was "KATE". Javonne walked into the creepy closet and started asking questions from there. Not only were both of our EVP sensors going off in bright red, but the illogical thing happened right before our eyes...

The runner at the end of our bed got pulled off slowly in front of Morgan and I! We were sitting up in our bed making NO movement, so for this to have happened, was definitely a huge mystery. Shortly after on our EVP it said "Morgan".

I don't think we will be going back anytime soon!

In this picture, you can see the blue light glaring through the window. When our ghost tour guide did a close up, he saw a face.  Zoom in and see for yourself. 

Here is a picture from the empty room on the 3rd floor! This one gave me chills.

More Pics at Manresa Castle

2021 Ghost Squad

Seattle, Wa

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