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My Spirit Stalker

Ever since I played the Ouija back in 1999, I've had nightmares of something shuffling a plastic bag by my ear when I sleep. The issue I had, was that I wasn't fully asleep during those episodes. I was very conscious but couldn't wake up. You know when you are asleep, but can hear the phone ring? Or the sound of someone knocking on the door? I could hear everything. I

just couldn't wake up.

 I've done some research, and this state is known as the Alpha state. Where your body is in a deep sleep but your mind is awake and conscious. This thing even followed me to other houses when I would stay the night at a friends. I would always get so scared and tried to force myself to wake up but couldn't move! It sounded as if someone was shuffling an empty plastic grocery bag rapidly back and forth next to my ear. 

Sometimes it would be weeks, even months before I had another episode of these terrible attacks. At others, it would be consecutively, almost every day in a weeks time. I even questioned my health, thinking it wasn't paranormal. But something confirmed that it was indeed a spirit, and perhaps, something more. 

One weekend I had made plans to stay the night at my cousins house after a night of clubbing. During that month I had experienced at least 2-3 of these scary visits. I needed a break from the terrible and exhausting visit from my spirit stalker. I thought I would have a good nights sleep because I was not at home, boy was I wrong.  

I remember being asleep (in one of my alpha states), and opening my eyes slightly. I could see the dark room, there was an old fashioned box TV at the end of the bed and that's when I saw it. In the reflection of the TV was a globe or an orb of some sort. It was about the size of a basketball and moved from the left side of my bed around my feet to the right side. As it passed by my feet it transformed to a figure of a person. I tried to wake up, but couldn't! Then that's when it happened...... the plastic bag noise making a crackling sound viciously by my ear. I felt helpless. I was so tired of this thing stalking me!! 

Sometime that same week, was the last straw for me. I never knew if this THING was male or female, until that night. I was at home in my bed, and again, I found myself in the alpha state. The plastic bag started shuffling at my right ear and I began to panic. I tried saying the "Our father" prayer but my tongue felt numb and the words couldn't come out of my mouth. I was pulled slowly of the bed by my feet and that's when I heard HER...... a female voice. She laughed maliciously and said "YOU can't get rid of ME. I'll come back again. And again. AND AGAIN". 

I was so terrified when I woke up, I slept with the light on. I spoke to a lady about my secret spirit stalker. I hadn't shared these awful experiences with anyone, because I didn't want them to think I was crazy. Luckily, Hilda believed me, and gifted me a beautiful hand painted frame of Jesus Christ and a small bottle of blessed holy water. She told me to make a cross in every corner of my bedroom and say "In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit" and to put some on me too. She said " Let it know that it's not welcome, and that you are no longer afraid of it." I did just that.

As of today, I haven't seen my spirit stalker, and hope I never will.


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