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Teens & the Ouija

My cousin & I were visiting her father in a small town in California.  Grandma had just passed away after living with her for 3 years. 

My aunt and I needed to get away after dealing with her loss, so we decided to visit  our family. My uncle lives in a house on a large piece of land, So there aren't any houses close by.

On a warm summer night in 1999, my cousin Antonia and I made a Ouija board and used an upside down small glass to communicate with spirits. We were joking around at first, asking the spirit their names and how they died. One of them died on a railroad track getting hit by a train. Being silly teens we started joking saying they were our boyfriends. Still not believing this was real, I said " If you are real, prove it." Those last 2 words are words you should never say to a spirit. It was around 1:30 am and after I said that, we heard a Loud BANG!! It came from the inside of my cousins closet.

The light turned off right after. We screamed and jumped onto the bed, too terrified to move. "Go turn the light on" I said to Antonia. "NO! you go turn it on!" she replied. We decided to go together. We ran to the switch by the door and turned the ceiling light on. We were shocked to see that the small lamp on the floor was disconnected. We wondered for a moment, if it was her dad telling us to be quiet, but he was snoring. 

We slept with the lamp light on that  night. The next morning, we asked my uncle if he hit the wall? He looked at us weird and said "No?" we asked him if he heard anything but nor him or his wife heard anything last night.

 I haven't played the Ouija board since that night, but ever since, a lot of weird things have happened to me. I definitely believe that playing the Ouija board opens a portal and is an invitation to not only human spirits, but to malevolent ones as well. It's hard to find an explanation to the occurrences of that summer night. We hope this story sheds some light on the severity of messing around with the Ouija board, even  if people say

 "it's just a game". 


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