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"The Empath"

Ever since I was a little girl, I've  had the most vivid dreams. Colors are intense, smells and I often forget I am dreaming and feel I live a double life when I am asleep. I still remember many of my dreams starting around 3 years of age. Needless to say, I just discovered that they were astral projections and/or  premonitions. I've always been sensitive to energy. I remember going to a friends house warming party and I felt an unsettling fear in my gut every time I passed by a certain room down the hall. A few months later, my friend told me he felt someone sit on his bed and say his name. I was right, there was something there. I'm an emotional empath. I can sense energy from the living and non living. Its a discovery that I'm learning about everyday. 

The most memorable astral projection I've had was after my uncle passed away. My uncle helped raise me and was the father I never had. In my dream, I was in a bedroom, there were two twin beds with light pink comforters. I remember sitting on the bed and hearing him call my name from the living room. Normally I forget I am dreaming, but not this time. I knew my uncle had passed away and I was scared. "Liss, come here" he said. I replied "No, I'm scared" and I hid under the bed. I heard his foot steps coming down the hall towards the bedroom and saw his feet under the ruffled bed skirt. And the thing that I feared he would do, he did.... He lifted the bed skirt and looked under the bed! To my surprise, he wasn't scary. He looked young and healthy. He continued "Liss, I need to talk to you." I sat on the bed next to him and nervously said "OK, how are you?" He replied "I'm doing good. I've been traveling, I've been to Huitzuco (his hometown in Mexico) The beach, and now I have come to see you." he continued "I have something very important to tell you. Please let the family know that your aunt Aiza is going to be OK. They did surgery on her cervix and she is going to be just fine." I looked at him confused and said "OK?" and I woke up. That morning I called my aunt and left a voicemail describing my dream and passing the message along. 2 weeks later she tells me that my uncle had contacted me to help my family calm their nerves because they thought she was going to die. My aunt Aiza had multiple surgery's in her cervix and her daughter was just an infant. The family was very scared and I was the messenger to help ease their worries. This is the strongest evidence I have about astral projection and the paranormal existing. 

I know there are entities that don't follow the light and linger to this earth because of emotional or physical attachments. There are also spirits of past loved ones who come to us to deliver a special message and then there are dark entities who are here to cause harm because they are just plain evil. We always do our due diligence when it comes to protecting ourselves from any attachments or malevolent spirits. I grew up catholic, and in my family and Latin culture, we believe in spirits, angels and demons. Finding friends that have the same interests as I has been a refreshing new adventure. 

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