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Ghost Squad Blog

"Bourbon Orleans Hotel"-Liss

Oct 8th 2021

We decided to visit one of Americas most haunted hotels! We were NOT disappointed! Click on image for full story. 

"Orcas Hotel"-Liss

Oct 5th 2019

A quiet town on the San Juan islands with a historic hotel built in the 1900's. Learn why this hotel is famous for paranormal activity. 

"Waterville Hotel"-Liss

Sept 5th 2019

Tell me if you see the little girl in the attic too.

"Sedro Wooley Asylum "-Liss

April 28th 2019

We visited what used to be Washington States biggest Asylum. Known as Northern State Hospital in Sedro Wooley. Inaugurated 1912 and housed 2700 patients at one point, 1500 of them buried in their cemetery. 

"My night at the Palace" ~ Morgan

March 2nd 2019

We talked and laughed as we made our way up the stairs, as if the sound of our voices echoing in the stairwell would somehow push away the spirits which were rumored to linger there.

But we were there to see them, weren’t we? We wanted to make contact with the paranormal, right?

"Ames Lake House" Port Gamble

March 2nd 2019

The Walker-Ames house in Port Gamble has become a local hotspot for paranormal groups, psychics and investigators who report a variety of phenomena from feelings of dread to full bodied apparitions, some have gone as far as leaving toys for the young spirits.

"A night at The Palace"

~ Liss

March 2nd 2019

There was no doubt in my mind that someone or something was in that room with us. After using EVP and receiving responses, I walked to the end of the bed where it suddenly got cold. That's when I felt it.... every hair on both of my arms was standing from my wrist to my upper arm.

"Our Stay at Manresa Castle" 

Nov 2018

I was tossing and turning the entire night. I probably slept minutes in between, then I would wake up to look around. But my friend and I both heard it... around 3:00 am. A terrifying sound.... it was something between a cry and a scream from something not human. The people above us heard it too because they ran down the stairs seconds after.

Port Townsend & The Palace of Sweets - Morgan

Nov 2018

Despite your initial impression of Port Townsend as a lovely seaside community, isolated from the bustle of mainland life, things weren’t always so quaint.

Not unlike many other towns in the United States which popped up during the end of the 19th century, Port Townsend was born from a violent beginning. A beginning which involved murder, human trafficking, and in one instance, the sale of corpses to the local mortician.

Nov 2018

We were introduced to "The Palace" on a haunted tour in down town Port Townsend. The moment you stepped in to this Victorian hotel, you could feel an air of Romance and sorrow all around. What came up on our EVP was shocking.

"Manresa Castle's History" - Morgan

Nov 2018

When we first heard about the hauntings at the Manresa castle, we were curious to know if it was real. Let's just say, it was the worst nights sleep of our lives.

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