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Ames Lake House

Port Gamble is a small British style town known to have the feel of a ghost town. Not only is it quiet, but it is known for being home to the infamous " Ames lake house". The city was founded in 1853 by Maine businessmen Pope and Talbot. They established a saw mill in 1853 that ran until 1995 making it the longest running saw mill in U.S. history! The mill and the town continued to grow and by the 1870's it was a well established community with a general store, community center, post office and fire station. In November 1995 the mill completed its last day of production and shut its doors having gained the title of longest continuously operating mill in the United States. The town was declared a Rural Historic Town and the buildings have since been restored and preserved. It is said that the house hasn't been occupied since 1995, that is, at least not by the living. The Walker-Ames house in Port Gamble has become a local hotspot for paranormal groups, psychics and investigators who report a variety of phenomena from feelings of dread to full bodied apparitions, some have gone as far as leaving toys for the young spirits.  Residents in the town are well aware of the building's reputation and many are able to add their own experiences to the legend. The attic seems to be the most active area of the house, many visitors have seen children peeking though the windows. 

Anyone who has wandered the streets after dark, explored the Buena Vista cemetery, or participated in a ghost walk or investigation does not need to stay long to know that Port Gamble is a haven for paranormal activity. With recorded evidence going back as early as the 1950’s, there are stories from nearly every building in town.

If you are a thrill seeker or are curious of the super natural, come visit the Ames Lake house  and see for yourself.  The house feels very alive, it's as if someone is watching you,

Here are some resent pictures that we took

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