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A night at The Palace

~by Liss


After learning about this hotel during a recent ghost tour and experiencing contact with the spirit of Cecilia, I was both scared and excited. We parked the car, and I started having feelings of dread, questioning myself if I was prepared enough to stay yet another night at a haunted hotel. Walking into the palace is as if we turned the hands of time and stepped into the Victorian era. Chandeliers, vaulted ceilings and a very feminine ambiance comforted me and I somehow found my courage to proceed to our room. As we walk up the stairs "Claire's" painting greeted us, here goes nothing and all at once. 

We then proceed to the room "Claire's Room" #4, I curiously look around. Its hard to believe this was once the home to many girls that were kidnapped or forced into prostitution in the late 1800's. I respectfully ask for permission to stay the night in Claire's room and we place a beautiful bouquet of purple Calla lilies on the table next to the chairs. Thinking somehow, if we are courteous and respectful we won't be harmed.

We were so excited to start roaming around and investigating the palace. We walked through the hotel common area and of course, there was a group of people at a ghost tour we had attended in the past. I felt privileged to have the whole place to ourselves during our stay, hoping for tangible evidence of what we feel here. I start recording, walking around the 3rd floor with Morgan. We venture into the remodeled building that use to be apartments in 1889. It is now part of the palace hotel, and although it is completely renovated and beautiful, there is something eerie and frightening down the stairs. 

Random crawl spaces in different parts of the walls, door entry's too close to each other, and stair steps that are obviously the original ones from that era. All of these things could definitely have been contributing factors to the creepy vibe, but deep down inside, I knew something else was there. Something that was watching us and didn't want us there. Being an empath, I am very susceptible to energy. All I can say is I needed to get out of there. As I was heading back up stairs, I heard a noise that was similar to an earthquake.

But it was in the wall. I know what your thinking, well it's a hotel ;)

I know what the sound from love making is, and that my friend, was no love making! I attached the video so you can see for yourself.

Here we are at The infamous palace hotel in Port Townsend. I'd like to make a correction, the original wallpaper from 1889 that is hung up was a renovated in 2018. At minute 5:32 You can hear rumbling noise in the wall as if it were an earthquake, pretty much gave me an anxiety attack at the end!



After we heard what seemed to be an angry entity, we darted out of that area. Back to our friends Makayla and Javonnes room. Drinks were had and music was played and we felt we were out of harms way. Dinner at a Mexican restaurant down the street ( I highly recommend the Michelada drink) and we met up with our Ghost Tour guide. We met at the famous fountain and he explained all the ghost hunting tools that we were going to use for the next 2 hours. 

When he found out we were staying at the Palace, his eyes lit up and asked if we wanted to investigate there. OF COURSE! 

Right away we head back to our hotel rooms, and we started the investigation in Claires room. We used a recorder and he started asking questions. Among those questions, Knock if you died in this building. You can CLEARLY hear a tap!

That night I kept waking up and starring across the room, it felt as if something was waking me up. But the weird happenings were hearing sentences from a woman and dreaming that my friend Javonne (but with light hair) was showing me a hidden part of the palace. It was the strangest thing. We all noticed that something in that building did not like her very much and mean words would come up on her EVP player, Hang, death, posession and stigmata. After dreaming this, I was immediately awakened to the fact that Javonne may look like a previous tenant from the palace or she may have been one of them from a different life. And the spirits that haunt what used to be the palace of sweets, are angry that she is still alive. 

There was no doubt in my mind that someone or something was in that room with us. After using EVP and receiving responses in the morning, I walked to the end of the bed where it suddenly got cold. That's when I felt it.... every hair on both of my arms was standing from my wrist to my upper arm. Morgan touched my arm and she said it was cold? I'm not one to get goosebumps,  not even when it's cold outside. But the most solid paranormal caught on camera is what Im about to share with you.

When I stood infront of Miss Claires large painting,  I couldn't help but feel the presence of a little boy next to her. It was when I was going through my images that I realized I caught something on camera. It was the little boy in the painting next to Miss Claire! This was a picture of the paintings reflection in the mirror. 

One night was not enough for us to satisfy our curiosity with the Palace, so we are heading back Beginning of April. 

To be continued....

Miss Claire

Could this be the spirit of the little boy that has been seen and felt by numerous guests?

2021 Ghost Squad

Seattle, Wa

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