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Ghost Squad 

The Ghost Squad welcomes you to a unique blog which focuses on all things paranormal. Our blog is devoted to sharing our incredible and often frightening experiences with the beyond. If you are intrigued or even a little curious about paranormal activity, then this is the place for you. Our blog is for those with open minds, who share our interest in the stories and legends which fuel so many of the ghost stories we hear about things that go bump in the night. Our stories are all true, with no embellishment, each member of The Ghost Squad sharing her own experiences from her perspective. We want to be transparent, and provide accurate and unbiased accounts of everything that happens at each of the locations which we investigate. The Ghost Squad is thrilled to have you on this journey with us, loyal reader. So curl up with a blanket, turn off the lights, and enjoy.


Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Check out what happened when we stayed at one of America's top 10 most haunted hotels.

New Orleans, Louisiana.


Welcome !

True Ghost


Real ghost stories that happened to our readers and us  



Check out our blog! Over night stays  from a haunted Castle, to a Victorian Brothel.



Here are our favorite stories on reincarnation, Demons, poltergeists  and more.



We started recording our investigations!


Behind Ghost Squad Blog

The faces behind the blog. How we got started and a little bit about us :)


Check out what the locals have to say about these haunted places!

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